Arachnur, cie kraD

Leïla Maillard, nur

Arachnur, cie kraD

contemporary circus and noise

2023 - Walcheturm, Zürich ZH

In a universe of ropes and cables, the audience discovers a body caught under the weight of life, revealing its slow struggle towards a metaphorical suicide. It is a visceral dive into the abyss of the human soul through acoustical borderline and dark imagery. It is some sort of macabre ritual, reflecting (on) despair and the harrowing loop of dark thoughts; an embodiment of a mental crawl towards the gallows.

“Arachnur” is beyond evil or good, definitely cathartic, but nevertheless poetic. An ongoing hymn to the dark and what lays within it, inspired by the quote of the painter Pierre Soulages:
“Mon instrument n’était plus le noir, mais cette lumière secrète venue du noir.”
“My instrument was no longer the dark, but that secret light that came from the dark.”