Violeta García, Pablo Lienhard


cello and crackle synth

2023 - Cave12, Genève GE

A freshly formed duo between a transgressive cellist and an experimentalist on pseudo-chaotic and unpredictable DIY instruments. A last minute surprise during a Swiss mini-tour which will be recorded on a disc

Violeta García (b.1990) is a cellist, composer, improviser and curator from Buenos Aires Argentina based in Bern, Switzerland. She is a performer in many art forms, including free improvisation, contemporary and trans-media experimental repertoire in violoncello and electronic music. In 2015 she founded a digital label and music series called TVL-REC ( It is devoted to publishing new music, experimental groups and collectives from Latin America and other countries and making music series and festivals of noise and extreme music in Latin America and Europe. She has more than 50 albums published in different editions. In recent years she has been touring around the world.

Pablo Lienhard sees himself as an improviser and sound artist. He regularly performs with saxophones, mixers, effect devices or computers in various contexts. Occasionally, his practice includes work with video or graphics. Pablo received a scholarship from the Friedl-Wald Foundation in 2018, completed his master's degree at ZHdK in 2019, and received a Covid-19 working scholarship from the city of Zurich in 2021. From August 2022 to the end of July 2023, Pablo will live and work in Berlin as a resident of the City of Zurich's Auslandatelier grant.

His interests include instrumental interfaces, the physicality of sound, chance vs. control, interdisciplinarity, performance, and mise en scène. These interests are reflected in his current electroacoustic projects, research, and performances with the "Crackle Synth", but also extend to his work as a composing organizer in the field of experimental music. As co-founder of the #workoutjazz collective, he has created the "Marathon," a happening of 100 non-stop three- minute performances, as well as the "Madness" series - a series of eclectic mini-festivals that challenge the "classical" concert format. The collective was awarded the Förderpreis des Kantons Zürich 2021.