Julie Semoroz


Julie Semoroz

Myéline - experimental, neuroscience research, emotion, distorsion, glitter

2024 - Probehaus WERFT - Südpol, Luzern LU

Julie Semoroz is a French Swiss artist whose artistic practice explores the intersections between art and science. Her interdisciplinary approach is characterised by a deep commitment to the physical properties of sound and its relationship with the human body and the environment. She works on the invisible and researches information, non-verbal communication and sound frequencies in collaboration with neuroscientists.

field recordings and electronics

2022 - Walcheturm, Zürich ZH

Semoroz shapes sound using several sources such as field recordings, live microphones and her own voice with software and hardware. She offers sound pieces like inner journeys into the subconscious that penetrate into the darkness. Her work focuses on people’s individual relationship with mechanical and organic time. Her creations address new technologies and our post-industrial consumerist society. In her ecology-based research, in the sense of “habitat”, Julie Semoroz raises the question of how to experience our bodies and lives in the society.