kokhlias и loulan

Olga Kokcharova, Antoine Läng

kokhlias и loulan

field recordings and megaphones

2023 - Foce, Lugano TI
2022 - Walcheturm, Zürich ZH

Under the name of kokhlias&loulan, the duo formed by Olga Kokcharova and Antoine Läng focuses on the relations of sound and the plurality of acoustic environments in which it is likely to unfold. Vocal gestures and microphonic writing auscultate urban or natural architectural forms in order to create a new poetics of space.


Sound artist, composer and musician, born in Siberia and based in Geneva, Olga Kokcharova is interested in everything that is audible, regardless of the medium. Through her research, the artist explores sound as a tool that allows us to constantly reinvent our mapping of reality. She works with analog modular synthesizers, prepared instruments and phonographie, favoring careful recording, but also experimenting in circumstances where the recording equipment is put to the test. These sources are then used to create compositions, soundtracks, soundwalks, multichannel electroacoustic improvisations and sound installations in public spaces.



Antoine Läng explores the voice under different features in what binds it to the body and the place that welcomes it. His singing activity includes a practice focused on sound art where the voice is envisioned as electroacoustic material, with an interest in the phenomena of repetition / deformation of simple sound gestures and their deployment in space. This sonic and territorial poetics is currently developing solo and in various collaborations (Louis Schild in Leon and in the project Songlines, Olga Kokcharova, Jason Kahn, Insub Meta Orchestra).
Antoine Läng lives in Geneva, works there as part of the Insub association and is co-programmer of the Akouphène Festival.