Radiant Haze

Anton Ponomarev, Christian Müller

Radiant Haze

Noise, Improv and abstract sound sculptures

2024 - Spazio Lampo at sala Diego Chiesa, Chiasso TI

Radiant Haze are Anton Ponomarev based in Zurich and Christian Müller from Biel. The two musicians met in Moscow in 2019, not entirely by chance. Since then, their paths have crossed again and again. Both musicians - originally woodwind players - play their electronic instruments in this duo. Warm analogue-electronic sounds mingle with granulated, digital sounds. Together they create energetic and finely tuned sound sculptures between noise and abstract improv, between ambient and industrial, unfiltered and blunt.
The two not only have their instruments with them, but also their tape release Resonant Abstractions on Karma Detonation Tapes, which is still almost hot off the press.

Anton Ponomarev, Woodwind instruments and electronics artist based in Zurich.
- Organizes concerts in Zürich and runs experimental music series called „Buy my snake oil“.
- Owns his music label Skuckx Records.
Works mostly (but not only) in the field of experimental and extreme music genres: punk-jazz, free improvisation, jazz-core, noise, power electronics, drone, etc.

Christian Müller is clarinetist and electronic-musician with a strong love for experimental noise, transdisciplinary collaborations and being en route. His major and long term projects are the electronic duo Strøm, the stories & sound duo Butterland with the writer Regina Dürig and the experimental rock band Convulsif. He collaborates and has collaborated in diverse constellations for concerts and multimedia-based works, a. m. o. with Christian Kobi, Hans Koch, Tomas Korber, Bertrand Denzler, Jacques Demierre, Michael Thieke, Peter Conradin Zumthor, Jean-Philipp Gross, Jérôme Noettinger, Oren Ambarchi, Ilia Belorukov, dieb13, Cristián Alvear, Gabriela Areal ...