Rea Dubach


vocals, electronics

2024 - Jazz Chur - Kulturgarage OKRO, Chur GR

Like a ray of light, REA scatters her voice across the musical surfaces. She captures the astonishing bundle of these exposed voices and paints breathing surfaces, sketches forms. She is at home in light and water - stagnation is the death of her. Her tonal colourfulness is light, combines folklore and experiment, interweaves the solid with the fleeting, the subconscious with the written. She is at home in the in-between.

That radicalism does not have to be loud and consistency does not have to be reductionist, that the multicoloured can be urgent and the obscured can be true. That the search for roots can disperse in water and wind. Does radicality mean this unconditional search for the roots?

REA's long play is immersed in the colours of nocturnal electronics and the bright tones of daylight. The light illuminates the materialities of their journey and where it is not, the images flicker constantly.