Stone Leaf, Anna Vignozzi


electronic mechanics

2023 - ABC, La Chaux-de-Fonds NE

Stoicheia (from Greek στοιχεία) represents a sonic journey in search of the primordial element par excellence, a prime, i.e. not further reducible, component of a compound whole. Starting from the Hellenic tradition, the work is divided into the four primordial elements: Ydor (water), Aither (air), Gaia (earth). The compositional technique for generating the four elements originates from the study of the five postulates found in the most important mathematical work of ancient Greece: the treatise entitled "Elements" by Euclid. The music composed is the result of painstaking research and technical analysis on the atomic movement of the same: the sounds have concrete origins, i.e., non-synthesis electronic sounds, and are electronically transformed by software specifically designed for molecular sonic interpretation. The timbre-rhythmic movement is assigned to the live performance of automata specially designed for the project, unique in the world for their engineering and performance characteristics.

Stone Leaf - composition and ideation, automata machines, live electronics

Solo percussionist and multi-instrumentalist producer, Stone Leaf makes matter and machine coexist with an approach called contamination of language. The result is a subtle blend of experimental contemporary electronic music that leans towards the IDM underground.

Anna Vignozzi - Sound & video projection

Anna Vignozzi is a live performer, vocalist, guitarist, producer and songwriter. After several years as a singer-songwriter, she dedicated herself to deepening the synthesis between electronic and acoustic instruments together with the human voice. Her work focuses on sound design and sound projection, as well as live electronic performance.