Vincent Glanzmann


Vincent Glanzmann

playful computer with patches

2024 - L'Amalgame, Yverdon-les-Bains VD

Always on the search for unchartered territory Vincent Glanzmann expands out from his realm of drums 'n' mics. Performing live sets with his Laptop in New York’s Central Park, the diverse social environnement birthed a unique patch system, which allows him to venture into new ways of communicating through his distinct musical vocabulary.

Breath the air of a multi-class society as sound samples collide and converse in a digital landscape creating a dynamic sonic experience that resonates with the energy of New York City's iconic park.

playful drums with microphone

2023 - Foce, Lugano TI
2022 - Cave12, Genève GE

Born in Tokyo, Japan Vincent Glanzmann is a sound artist and drummer now based in Zürich, Switzerland. The open nature of his work as both a performer and composer has led him to a multitude of collaborations with a broad spectrum of artists within contemporary music, visual arts, dance, fashion and literature.

In his solo act Glanzmann uses microphones and percussion to perform adventurous renditions of his ever developing live sound-design piece --<°>^.°-s-^. His solo performances, wild narrations leading through worlds of unfamiliar sounds and his destinct culture of cryptic beats have been presented in large theaters and festivals stages across Europe as well as such unexpected places as the Paris Fashion Week for Rei Kawakubo's Comme des Garçon.