Oratorio Virtuale

Alberto Barberis, Bera Romairone

Oratorio Virtuale

electroacoustic contemporary music based on baroque with live electronics, augmented saxophones and 3D particles visuals

2024 - Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zürch ZH

music, live electronics and visuals - Alberto Barberis
saxophones live - Bera Romairone
3D algorithms - Rajan Craveri

A/V electroacoustic rework
of baroque music from 1675

Oratorio Virtuale is an electroacoustic rework of the baroque oratorio San Giovanni Battista composed in 1675 by Alessandro Stradella. An A/V experience of strong emotional impact, that explodes as an act of rebellion of ancestral and proto-human forces. Ineluctable natural forces, always capable of renewal, overcoming even the hyper-technology domination of our times.